Food Processing and Preservatives

This sector encompasses the storage of ingredients, the disinfection of manufacturing sites (pre and post infection), and the preservation of manufactured and packaged foods. NRCS's starting materials are GRAS status (Generally Regarded As Safe) and can be safely and effectively applied in each of these areas.

Food Processing

NRCS products may be applied to disinfect the surfaces of produce. It may also be used to disinfect contaminated surfaces as both a prevention and a remediation agent.

Food Preservative

NRCS products may be added directly to foods to prevent bacteria build up in the food products, providing preservation and enabling longer storage.

What are the current challenges?

Preserving food is a critical aspect of food security. It's possible to simplify and enhance this process by making food preservatives that are derived from natural plant sources, and offer lower impacts on the environment. NRCS products are all natural preservatives that destroy bacteria.

Study of Reduction of  Listeria monocytogenes   in Rice

An organic food processer collaborated with NRCS to test if the plant additive can be used to lengthen shelf life of their rice product; specifically, to protect against L. monocytogenes.
The experiment concluded that L. monocytogenes in rice is significantly reduced when the NRCS extract is applied to the contaminated rice. Several other conditions are important factors to consider in this test.
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