Skin Care

NRCS has launched MenddeTM

Our groundbreaking active ingredient made from Humulus Lupulus will revolutionize your skin care routine. The cleansing properties of this botanical extract can give you a softer cleanse for acne-prone skin without removing your skin's natural oils. Combined with our other natural ingredients, your skin will be clean, fresh, and radiantly healthy.

NRCS botanical extracts can be applied As Skin Care

The NRCS botanical extracts have several known applications in skin care. NRCS is currently exploring how Propionibacterium acnes can be treated with different botanical extracts. As well, NRCS is researching the anti-aging effects of the botanical extracts.

NRCS is working on the production of proprietary skin care products in partnership with soap, shampoo, and cosmetic manufacturers.

More information about the NRCS skin care applications will be posted here as research progresses.
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